Dabwoods x Runtz: The Ultimate Collaboration for Exotic Flavor

dabwood runtz

Dabwoods and Runtz are two of the most popular names in the cannabis industry, known for their high-quality products and innovative approach to cannabis. When these two brands came together for a collaboration, it was nothing short of epic. The Dabwood x Runtz collaboration features six exotic flavors, each one more delicious than the last. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at each flavor and what makes them so special.

Dabwoods Runtz #1: Raspberry Lime

The Raspberry Lime strain is an indica variety that boasts a delightful raspberry and lime fragrance, which will leave you craving for more. Its fruity flavor profile strikes a perfect balance between sweetness and tartness. While this strain may cause lethargy in novice consumers, many seasoned users hail Raspberry Lime as a potent formula for sparking social interaction and creativity.


Dabwoods x Runtz #13: Mango Lychee

The Mango Lychee strain is a Sativa variant that boasts an exotic flavor profile, accurately representing the taste of its namesake fruits. The strain’s tropical and mouthwatering aroma matches the sweetness of the mango and the distinct taste of lychee. Mango Lychee is known for its energizing and uplifting effects, making it an excellent choice for those seeking an invigorating experience.


Dabwoods Runtz #23: Runtz

The Runtz strain is a live rosin hybrid that combines the genetics of Zkittlez and Gelato. As a solventless strain, it offers a natural alternative for those seeking an energizing and euphoric experience. Runtz is famous for its fruity and delectable flavor profile, which emits a sweet, almost candy-like aroma.


Dabwoods x Runtz #30: Yuzu Soufle

Yuzu Souffle is an indica strain that emanates an herbal aroma and boasts a citrus flavor profile with a dessert-like finish. This strain is famous for its uplifting and mood-boosting effects, while simultaneously inducing a relaxed state in the body.


Dabwoods x Runtz #32: White Runtz

The White Runtz live resin hybrid strain is the perfect balance between Gelato and Zkittlez genetics. Thus, offering a unique and exotic experience for cannabis enthusiasts. Its flavor profile is a blend of sweet candy, delicate hints of strawberries, and a touch of lavender that’s sure to tantalize your taste buds. The delightful aroma is reminiscent of a berry-filled paradise, making it an excellent choice for those seeking a pleasurable scent. But that’s not all, the White Runtz strain produces long-lasting calming and uplifting effects. Hence, it is sure to leave you feeling happy and content. Don’t miss out on this exceptional strain!


Dabwoods x Runtz #33: Yellow Watermelon

Yellow Watermelon, a hybrid strain named after the exotic African fruit, is a must-try for cannabis enthusiasts. Its sweet flavor profile, reminiscent of the fruit, is more potent than most, with a subtle hash aftertaste that lingers on the exhale. The strain’s earthy aroma, with subtle hints of watermelon, is both strong and refreshing. Yellow Watermelon offers an invigorating high, leaving you feeling energized and uplifted. Don’t miss out on this unique and tantalizing strain!


In conclusion, the Dabwood x Runtz collaboration is one of the most exciting developments in the cannabis industry. With its six exotic flavors, there is something for everyone in this collaboration. Whether you love sweet and fruity flavors or prefer something more dessert-inspired, the Dabwood x Runtz collaboration is sure to satisfy. So why wait? Try these delicious flavors today and experience the ultimate vaping experience.

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